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8011 Food Grade Aluminium Foil

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Future prospects of food grade aluminium foil

In the future, the packaging industry will focus on the development of six major projects, including green packaging, smart packaging, and safe packaging, to promote the innovative and green development of the packaging industry. Food grade aluminium foil, as an environmentally-friendly packaging material, will have very good development prospects in the future.

Requirements for high-quality food grade aluminium foil

High-quality food grade aluminium foil needs to undergo strict pinhole testing, degreasing process and plate shape control to achieve ultra-high sealability and perfectly protect the quality of the package. According to the practice of major food packaging material manufacturers, mingtai's aluminum foil fully meets food-grade requirements and its performance far exceeds the national standard. Many packaging materials companies are partners of mingtai.

Food grade aluminium foil advantages

1. O-state annealing to reach the a level of brushing water.

2. The layout is strictly controlled, and the food grade aluminium foil produced is free of defects such as black spots, scratches, bright lines, and roll printing.

3. It has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and high temperature sterilization.

4, good shading effect, can avoid sunlight and other light, high temperature and low temperature will not produce the phenomenon of penetration.

food grade aluminium foil

Food grade aluminium foil manufacturer

Mingtai is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer. It does not do post-processing, printing, and gluing, and only provides aluminum foil substrates. The width of aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum can reach 1600mm.

Food grade aluminium foil of mingtai aluminum

8 series aluminum foil 8011 aluminum foil is a typical food grade aluminium foil.

Uses: Food packaging foil, pharmaceutical packaging foil, milk cap material, meal box material, container foil, household foil, barbecue foil, beer sealing foil, bottle cap material, etc .;

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