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Automotive aluminum plate 5052-H34 aluminum plate

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About automotive aluminum plate

With the rapid development of the industry, all parts of the car are changing. In the process of lightening the car, using aluminum alloy to reduce the weight of the car is still an important plan for the manufacturer. So which parts of the car can use aluminum plate, and what is the price?

Automotive aluminum plate 5052-H34 aluminum plate

There are many alloys for automotive aluminum, 6061 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate. Among them, 5052-H34 aluminum plate has better weldability, corrosion resistance, good forming and processing performance, medium strength, low density, can reduce the weight of the vehicle, easy to recycle in the later period, and has better energy-saving and environmentally friendly seats. Therefore, it is used in automotive applications. It has a high utilization rate, and can be used in applications such as car doors, car fenders, car wheels, car heat shields, trunk covers, hoods, front and rear covers, seat frames, and engines.

5052-H34 aluminum plate price

What is the price of 5052-H34 aluminum plate used in cars? Different manufacturers may have different prices. If you want to know the specific product quotation, it is better to know how to buy the cost effective 5052-H34 aluminum plate. Then how to buy more cost effective aluminum plate?

1. Choose large manufacturers to purchase through formal channels, such as large aluminum plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum;

2. Carry out shop comparison and comprehensive comparison. Don't buy impulsively;

3. Focus on quality and service. After-sales problems encountered need good after-sales service to solve.

5052-H34 aluminum plate

The above three points are the details to pay attention to when buying 5052-H34 aluminum plate. Wanting to buy cheaper products is not only a cost-effective initial investment, but also to ensure the stability of later products. Otherwise, the purchase price is low, but the later use performance cannot be guaranteed, which will greatly affect the actual interests of users. Therefore, when considering the price of 5052-H34 aluminum plate, you should also plan long-term.

5052-H34 aluminum plate manufacturers

5052-H34 aluminum plate is of high quality. If you want better product quality, it is especially important to choose a good aluminum plate manufacturer. Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum processing enterprise with complete product specifications, complete aluminum plate specifications for automotive bodies, and outstanding performance advantages. We not only pay attention to product quality, but also pay attention to product service and user needs, and we do everything to satisfy them. We will follow up every order from pre-sale consultation to after-sale, to ensure that users can safely after-sale, butler service, more considerate, thoughtful, perfect, and more worthy of your trust.

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