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6061 aluminum for sale

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6061 aluminum for sale product introduction

6061 aluminum for sale is one of Mingtai Aluminum's superior products. The processing technology is superb. The aluminum plate has many advantages such as good oxidation effect, small deformation after processing, and uniform quenching. It enjoys a good reputation and reputation in the fields of mobile phone cases, automobile wheels, trolley cases, and 3C products. Mingtai Aluminum can produce 6061-t6 aluminum plates, pre-stretched 6061-t651 aluminum alloy plates, 6061 super flat plates, 6061 quenched plates and other aluminum plates. Meet the needs of your different applications.

6061 aluminum for sale sheet usage and advantages

White surface/bright surface, no need to face milling, saving cost. It is widely used in 3C fields such as mobile phone card slots, buttons, computer brackets, and computer shells. And trolley cases, aluminum furniture, door panels/door handles and other fields; 6061 aluminum alloy sheet can be used for 5G mobile phones.

6061 aluminum for sale aluminum plate uses and advantages

The internal stress is eliminated and the cutting is not deformed. It is widely used in underwear molds, shoe molds, precision machining, passenger car decorative plates/checkered plates, automobile chassis protection parts, automobile four doors and two covers, automobile wheels, automobile seats and other fields.

6061 aluminum for sale

Influencing factors of 6061 aluminum for sale price

Aluminum plate price = market aluminum ingot price + processing fee.
Specifically, the price is related to its specific specifications and market aluminum ingot prices. For example, 6061t651 aluminum sheet and 6061t6 aluminum sheet have different tempers, so the quotes are naturally different. The price is different for different thickness. The price of 1mm 6061 aluminum sheet, the price of 5mm 6061 aluminum sheet, the price of 10mm aluminum sheet, and the price of 30mm 6061 aluminum sheet are different. 6061 aluminum alloy sheet, 6061 conventional sheet, 6061 medium-thick aluminum sheet, 6061 ultra-thick aluminum sheet, the quotations are also different.

The difference between 6061 aluminum for sale t6 and t651 aluminum plate

6061 alloy aluminum plate is a 6-series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy product, which is a high-quality aluminum alloy made by heat treatment and pre-stretching process. The main alloying elements in 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon. The common tempers of 6061 alloy aluminum sheet include O, T4, T6 and T651. The difference between 6061t6 aluminum sheet and 6061t651 aluminum sheet is that: under normal circumstances, the internal stress of 6061t6T6 will be relatively large and processing will be deformed. The temper that is suitable for processing should be 6061-t651 aluminum plate. She stretches on the basis of T6 to eliminate internal stress. 6061t6 aluminum plate is easy to crack when bent 90 degrees.

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